A doctor’s life at Bridport

THE life and times of an 18th century doctor are portrayed in The Golden Gift, a medical historical entertainment at Bridport Arts Centre on 19th July, with performances at 11am and 7.30pm.

The play, described as a scientific comedy, tells the story of Dr Giles Lawrence Roberts MD, “our celebrated druggist, apothecary and accoucheur.”

It provides an entertaining inquiry into the “Medical Practices of Georgian Bridport containing tales of a Doctor of Science and Spirit, replete with character, song, comedy, cauterisation and efficacy of bloodletting, featuring that most famous of ointments, ‘The Poor Man’s Friend’.”

For those with medical needs, “the doctor may be approached after the lecture for the diagnosis of gout and scorbutic complaints.” He will also reply to letters “concerning the dropsy and King’s Evil” and “novel experimental electrical therapies are always free to the poor.”