A shocking night in rural Ireland

FROME Drama is back on stage at the Merlin Theatre in November with the challenging Connor McPherson play The Weir.

From Thursday 18th to Saturday 20th, nightly at 7.45, the company, directed by Simon Blacksell, will transport the audience to a pub in rural Ireland. The play won the Olivier for best new play of 1999, and just made it to be voted one of the 100 most significant plays of the 20th centuary.

It is is a powerful ensemble piece full of typical with humour and pathos, as the  locals spend their evenings in the pub gossiping and telling each other spooky stories. One evening a young woman from Dublin comes in, and the whole dynamic changes. As the locals try to scare her with strange tales, she unfolds a story far more powerful and unsettling than any they have told.

To set the Frome scene, the theatre has scheduled Irish music and (hopefully Irish) Guinness in the bar before the show, which is suitable for audiences aged 16 and older.  For more details, visit www.merlintheatre.co.uk

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