A virtual anthem for the Cathedral

SALISBURY Cathedral has launched a special 2020 community project, inviting people to take part in the virtual premiere of The Salisbury Anthem, an online choral event marking the 800th anniversary of the founding of Salisbury Cathedral.

The Salisbury Anthem is a song for the Cathedral and the city of Salisbury and the aim, says a Cathedral spokesperson, is for it to ring out across a virtual space that defies any lockdown, crosses borders and reaches into hundreds of homes, at home and abroad.

Based on a poem written in praise of the Cathedral as it was being built, the anthem will be led by the Cathedral choir with the support of a huge chorus of voices from the community, singing the refrain.

Originally planned as a performance in the Cathedral on Foundation Day, the premiere was cancelled due to lockdown – but, like the art exhibition it will happen, if differently.

Pictured: Henry d’Avranches’ poem, De Translatione Veteris Ecclesie Saresberiensis et Constructione Nove, courtesy of Cambridge University Library