Aftermath back in Wimborne

THE final part of a documentary trilogy by State of Play and commissioned by Priest’s House Museum has more performances in Wimborne on 12th September.

Aftermath – in the wake of war, is about the impact of the Great War on people living in East Dorset. Based on letters, diaries, photographs and other research material, the play reflects on the feelings and concerns of four people living in East Dorset after the Armistice.

They are Sir John Hanham of Deans Court and Samuel Durrant, who were both injured and survived their wounds, local doctor, Dr E Kaye Le Fleming, who served in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and Eliza Burdon, of Pilford, whose son was killed in action and who worked as a washerwoman for many local families.

Gill Horitz of State of Play, says: “The production imagines the concerns of people trying to come to terms with their memories of personal trauma, both physical and mental. These are set alongside society’s wider attempts to memorialise the Great War.

“The new play also explores what we mean today by remembrance and commemoration.”

James Webb of the Priest’s House Museum, says: “This drama brings home the continuing effects of the conflict on individuals and communities long after the guns fell silent.”

Sir William Hanham, descendent of one of the play’s subjects, says: “We are really looking forward to this production, which promises to remind us that in every community across the country the trauma of the First War did not stop on Armistice Day.”

The play will be performed in the dining room at Deans Court in Wimborne, home to the Hanham family for nearly 500 years.

Aftermath was written by Gill and Tony Horitz, commissioned by the museum as part of its project The One Hundred Year Heritage of the First World War for Wim­borne and East Dorset.

After two schools’ performances, there will be two public performances, at 3pm and 7.30pm on 12th September. The audience for each will be limited.

For more details, telephone 01202 886116 or 01202 882533 or visit the website,

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