American classic in dance

NORTHERN Ballet returns to Southampton Mayflower from 15th to 18th May, with its hit production of The Great Gatsby

Based on the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and set in the 1920s on Long Island and in New York, the show brings the glamour and seduction of the roaring twenties to the stage.  The Great Gatsby had its premiere in 2013. Nick Carraway meets his infamous neighbour Jay Gatsby, a mysterious millionaire with a secret past and a penchant for lavish parties. As the sparkling facade of Gatsby’s world begins to slip, Nick begins to see the loneliness, obsession and tragedy that lie beneath.

The Great Gatsby is choreogra­phed by David Nixon and performed to the music of Sir Richard Rodney Bennett, played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia.

Nixon says: The Great Gatsby is an American classic from an iconic era. The 1920s were a time of exuberance, extravagance and style in pre-depression America and The Great Gatsby incorporates these themes within what is essentially a wonderful love story. The costumes replicate the fashions from the 1920s which are still heavily influencing the trends of today. Reimagining popular classic stories is Northern Ballet’s specialty and Gatsby has everything for a great ballet: a love triangle, decadence, desperation and heartbreak.”

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