An ode to John Peel and radio

FOR thousands of music-lovers, John Peel was THE voice of radio, so John Peel’s Shed, an affectionate tribute to the inspirational DJ and broadcaster, on tour with Take Art in Somerset, is a welcome opportunity to remember the great man.

The tour continues at the Black Swan at Langport on Friday 20th March, Norton sub Hamdon Village Hall on Saturday 21st,  Lamyatt Village Hall on Thursday 26th at 6.45pm, and Ashbrittle Village Hall on Friday 27th (at 7.30pm unless otherwise indicated).

Writer and theatre-maker John Osborne had a sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe with this storytelling show, a celebration of radio and music.

In 2002, John won a competition on John Peel’s BBC radio show. His prize was a box of records that took eight years to listen to. This is an ode to radio, featuring a selection of the records previously owned by the late and infamous John Peel, many of which are very rare recordings by obscure and now defunct bands.