Art from the waterfront

CHRISTCHURCH Sailing Club artists and photographers return to the town’s Regent Centre from 5th to 23rd March, with the club’s ninth annual exhibition, From The Waterfront 2018.

Predictably many of the paintings and photographs reflect the coastal, river and boating subjects that are associated with the sailing club and the town itself. Other subjects include landscapes, portraiture, floral arrangements and animal studies.

The sailing club art group is led by Howard Mackensie-Cook, Mike Gardner and dinghy sailor, professional artist and frame maker, Frank Tyhurst, with support from fellow professional artists, Pam Bedford and Joyce Lawrence. The photographic group is led by cruiser sailor and professional lensman, Roger Allen, who also taught photography at Twynham School. Their work ranges from the latest digital photography to making a pinhole camera. “It’s all very friendly and relaxed and we draw on each other for inspiration” said Frank.

Christchurch Sailing Club’s location on the River Stour near the confluence with the River Avon, is an inspiration to artists.  Its views of the town’s picturesque quay and harbour are unsurpassed.

The Sailing Club was founded in 1874, making it Christchurch’s oldest sporting club and one of the oldest “non-royal” sailing clubs in the UK. It is a popular base for family cruisers, Topper dinghies, favoured by the younger members, and the high performance Finn class, for which the club has twice hosted the National Championships.  It is also home to the quaint-looking Avon Scows.

Pictured: Mike Gardner’s The Needles; and Roger Allen’s, Dinghy in the Harbour.