Artists share their 2020 vision

FOUR Bruton Arts Society members, Jane Eaton, Tessa McIntyre, Jane Onslow and Jenny de Sausmarez, share the gallery at Shaftesbury Arts Centre for an exhibition called Vision 2020, from 7th to 13th October.

Jane Eaton, who is a member of The Arborealists group – artists across various media who have a particular interest in trees – is particularly drawn to the natural world and the cyclical process of time and the seasons. On her website she describes her influences of Zen Buddhism/Taoism and geopoetics, a concept “centred around a way of looking at art, philosophy and culture based on contact with the earth, [which] encourages cross-disciplinary and collaborative work in any medium.”

In her work she aims to engage and reconnect with nature. The English oak tree provides a perfect point of departure, she says: “The mighty oak (tree of life) can be viewed as synonymous to this aim providing many connections and associations historically, symbolically and metaphorically, referencing and sharing similar values across many different cultures.”

Jenny de Sausmarez is a painter, printmaker and sculptor. As a painter she has worked in various media, but prefers oils. Travel has inspired her to use strong colour contrasts. Her subjects are wide-ranging from landscapes to still life.

She says: “I do not aim for an exact copy of anything, but like to achieve a painting that has light, movement and colour with bold gestural strokes.”

Tessa McIntyre is an award-winning artist, who focuses particularly on strongly graphic representations of landscape – free flowing, with a bold use of bright vibrant and subtle colours. She works in oil, watercolour and mixed media, as well as traditional lino cut and screen printing. She trained at Bournemouth College of Art from 1954 to 1958 and 1962-63. and went on to teach for 30 years in secondary schools and adult education centre across southern England.

Pictured: Working in the Allotment, by Jenny de Sausmarez, Venetian Girls by Jane Eaton, Hellebore and Pears, by Jane Onslow, Somerset Levels by Tessa McIntyre.