Ayckbourn, 40 years on

THAT most prolific of playwrights Alan Ayckbourn launched his Seasons Greetings on the eager theatre world back in 1980, and its timeless horrors and embarrassments make it a continuingly popular production for amateur companies and professional revivals.

From 15th to 20th November it comes to the Swan Theatre in Yeovil, where the resident company again demonstrates its extraordinary versatility, both on  stage and behind the scenes.

Directed by Rob Graydon, the nine-strong cast includes several Swan regulars and some newer members.

The story is set over four days of Christmas in an ordinary suburban house, inhabited by a dysfunctional family (I once worked with a journalist who insisted that the word “sunshine” must always be accompanied by “sparkling” – now it seems that family has that same relationship to dysfunctional!)

There’s a doctor who invents seasonal puppet shows, his drunken wife, her shed-bound brother Neville and his wife, Neville’s friend Eddie and his pregnant wife,
Rachel and Clive and a reactionary old uncle  – and lots of tinsel and Christmas jumpers.

Excruciatingly funny, uncomfortable, clever and essentially Ayckbourn, it should be a treat.

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