Back to the 80s sci-fi horror

CHARLES Ross brings his new show, One Man Stranger Things – a Parody, to Poole’s Lighthouse on Thursday 11th October at 7.30.

His focus is Seasons 1 and 2 of the 80s-based Netflix horror/sci-fi television series that has intrigued, engrossed and spooked millions of viewers worldwide.

Watch him flail about the stage using just his voice and his frenetic physicality as he recreates the much-loved characters and entire storyline, and prepare to have your Upside Down turned right side up!

Charles Ross first took his hilarious show One-Man Star Wars Trilogy to the Edinburgh  Fringe in 2006, where it sold out and won praise from the critics. He returned to the Fringe, and toured, One-Man Lord of the Rings and now  One-Man Stranger Things is on an autumn UK tour.

Again directed and co-created by  fellow über-nerd TJ Dawe, One Man Stranger Things will appeal to anyone who has marvelled at the kooky 1980s setting, the myth­ology and the weirdness – all of the factors which made the TV show shine. You’ll laugh till you bleed from your nose, just like Eleven!

For more information telephone 01202 280000 or visit the website,