Berets, baguettes and barricades

COMIC theatre company Spitz & Co returns to Dorset with a new show, Les Gloriables, described as “a master class in mutiny with berets and baguettes,” with three Artsreach dates from 29th to 31st March.

This tour follows the success of Glorilla and Gloriator and finds Spitz & Co in the third and final show of their comic trilogy, inspired by Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables.

Legendary French actress Gloria Delaneuf is determined to create a piece of theatre with the power to reunite Europe. She has dreamed a dream, and her hapless UK tour manager Josephine Cunningham has promised to build a barricade.

Spitz & Co is an award-winning, internationally touring female comedy duo based in South Gloucestershire. Susie Donkin was part of the writing/performing team behind CBBC’s Horrible Histories and Pauline Morel has a background in theatre as an actress and producer. She really is French,  but lives in Bristol.

At the heart of this show that seems to be about socialism and the power of the people is the comic relationship between a selfish diva and her long-suffering assistant. Performed in French and English, with music and visual effects, expect a master class in mutiny (French style) with berets, baguettes, and gratuitous nudity. Vive La Revolution!

Les Gloriables is at Broadwindsor’s Comrades Hall, 01308 867644, on Friday 29th March, Sandford Orcas village hall, 01963 220208. on Saturday 30th and West Stafford village hall, 01305 261984, on Sunday 31st. All performances start at 7.30pm.