Beyond The Edge at Poole Lighthouse

NEW Forset-based artist Malcom Crocker is showing a selection of future landscapes in Beyond The Edge, in the Top Floor Gallery at Poole’s Lighthouse centre for the arts, running to Saturday 15th June.

The artist explains: “We exist within an endless expanse of time and space. The patterns of change, destruction, renewal, evolution, life and death we see written into the geology and archaeology of our planet will also be found elsewhere in the infinite variation of our universe. These processes will continue into an endless and unpredictable future which our species may not necessarily be around to see.”

Malcolm paints imaginary landscapes and ambiguous structures in unknown locations. He says: “I’m considering marks, remains, beliefs, cultures and lives in other places and times. What is our plight and our destiny on planet Earth? There are no answers, but there are many possibilities here and elsewhere in the vastness of our cosmos?”