Bruton show goes online

THE annual summer Bruton Art Society exhibition is always one of the visual arts highlights of the season. Consistently attracting work by many of the area’s finest amateur and professional artists, it is not only a delight for visitors but also a major showcase for the participating painters, sculptors and print-makers.

Covid-19 could have meant no Bruton show in 2020, but the committee decided to go ahead with a virtual exhibition and the result, on show from Saturday 15th August, is a hugely impressive display of artworks, reflecting the prestige of the event and the diversity of talent in this area.

There are more than 230 paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures on show from more than 80 amateur and professional artists from the society’s membership plus guest artists.

It’s hard – not to say invidious – to pick out individual artists or works, but anyone familiar with the local arts scene will recognise many names among the exhibitors, including Terri Hogan, Gary Cook, Sue Hardy, Will Vaughan, Penelope Warden, John Vallins, Rosemary Trestini, Swan Lennard Payne, Kay Lewis-Bell, Patience Thom, Laurence Belbin, Damaris Lee, Thea Dupays and Bee Grant-Peterkin.

The guests are ten professional artists joining the exhibition by special invitation. Each has two pieces of work labelled Guest Artist. All are familiar names, and have held workshops or given talks and demonstrations to our members. They include Gerry Dudgeon, Tim Craven, Patrick Cullen, Fiona McIntye, Alex Cree and Anthony Connolly.

The paintings are arranged in ten galleries. As always with Bruton Art Society’s annual show, there is so much to admire and so many fine works to choose from that selecting a few to illustrate this article was very difficult. 

Visit to see the exhibition, and for details on how to buy any of the works.

Pictured: Terri Hogan, Lizard Point, winter; Tim Craven, one of the guest artists, Crash (Lady Park Wood); John Vallins, Chateau de Perricard; guest artist Gerry Dudgeon, Across The Water; Kathy Clarke, Bridge over the Stour (lino print).