Cape Farewell’s wAteR climaTe festival

THE Dorset-based environmental arts foundation Cape Farewell and Poole’s Lighthouse arts centre have come together to highlight the critical issue of climate change. From Wednesday 3rd November to Saturday 4th December, the arts centre is hosting Cape Farewell’s wAteR climaTe festival.

The COP26 summit in Glasgow is a critical moment – can countries and governments find common ground to agree steps to curb irreversible climate change?

The wAteR climaTe festival features thought-provoking new artworks, film, spoken word, music, poetry and debate programmed toilluminate the current science and thinking around the climate emergency. The aim is to shine a light on the climate challenge in the south west with a programme that will bring climate science to life with simplicity and directness.

The centrepiece throughout the month is River Run, a compelling exhibition that tells the devastating story of climate change on freshwater habitats in our own backyard. Working during the period of Covid, a group of four artists – Cape Farewell’s David Buckland, multidisciplinary artist Anna Frijstein,  Helen Moore, an eco-poet and socially engaged artis, and filmmaker James Murray-White, have been working with Cape Farewell’s scientific partners and local farmers on a creative programme of research and development in and around Poole Bay and its watershed, the network of rivers that feed into the harbour, and in particular the chalk river Frome.

Cape Farewell is committed to the idea that artists can engage the public around pressing ecological issues, through creative insight and vision.

“Climate change is no longer the preserve of the Arctic or Amazon: it is here in our own communities, presenting a cultural challenge for which we are all the solution as well as the problem,” says David Buckland, founder and international director, Cape Farewell.

Events during the programme include the films Burning Ice, The Biggest Little Farm, Rivercide, and High Tide Don’t Hide, spoken word artists Sirens, poetry and performance event For Earth’s Sake!, and Wild Writing,  the fruits of the festival’s writing workshops.