Celebrating 40 years of Roger Elliott’s photography

SALISBURY Arts Centre celebrates 40 years of the photography of Roger Elliott, with an exhibition from 26th April to 20th May.

It is a special event marking the arts centre’s 40th anniversary and Roger’s working life that has been dedicated to documenting life in and around Salisbury.

The exhibition includes an amazing range of images which demonstrate the sheer variety of activity that has been presented at the arts centre over the years.

Roger Elliott says: “Salisbury Arts Centre provided me with a veritable cornucopia of delights to photograph over the years. I learnt the art of active composition. I came to realise that while a live performance usually gives up the most exciting pictures, there also were other, more intimate photographs to be taken in the rehearsal situation.

“I immersed myself in the arts centre. I learnt about mime, sculpture, drama, dance, poetry, art of all types and every sort of music imaginable. I learnt to photograph it all  and hopefully added to it with my images.

“I met extraordinary people and made many lifelong friends at the arts centre. It has been absolutely fascinating watching the changing world of the arts as well, many incredible characters have come and gone, but the Arts Centre remains a beacon in our community for those who love being part the endless well of creativity that it provides.”

Pictured is a light installation at the arts centre during  Salisbury Festival in the 1990s.