Celebrating female textile artists

THE latest in the series of Materials exhibitions at Messums Wiltshire is Textiles: Modern British Female Designers, viewable online at www.messumswiltshire.com until 31st May.

The exhibition has been put on in collaboration with Gray MCA, a Bath-based fashion design, illustration and textile art gallery. The collection includes work by some of the most important female designers working in Britain in the middle of the 20th century, including Lucienne Day, Marian Mahler, Jacqueline Groag, Barbara Brown and Zandra Rhodes, who will be in conversation with Ashley Gray of Gray MCA in a podcast from Messums Wiltshire on Friday 24th April.

Johnny Messum says: “Britain’s history is intricately woven together with the history of textiles and never more so than following the Second World War. This exhibition celebrates the bold vision of the leading lights of 1950s–70s textile design and introduces their iconic work to new collectors. Many of the textiles on show, produced by Heal’s, David Whitehead and Hull Traders, sit within museums worldwide and collections including the V&A and The Whitworth.”

The exhibition catalogue includes essays by historians Lesley Jackson and Mary Schoeser.

Pictured: Calyx Blue, by Lucienne Day (1917-2010); ; Top Brass, by Zandra Rhodes (b 1940): Coppice, by Mary White (b 1926).