Celebrating international youth and culture at Bridport

THE Complete Freedom of Truth, an international cultural programme for young people, returns to Bridport from 12th to 17th February, with a programme of music, dance, visual arts and spoken word, at six venues around the town.

TCFT is led by Opera Circus, founded by Bridport-based opera singer and international activist Tina Ellen Lee, as a youth-led community of artists, activists, students and professional facilitators with a collective ambition to develop global youth citizenship through culture and the arts.

This is the third annual Bridport TCFT residency and it is hoped that there will be more than 40 participants from the partner organisations at Blackburn,  Croydon,  London and, subject to funding, from partner countries Italy, Bosnia, Serbia and Portugal.

The  half-term residency will focus on young people’s concerns including fairness and inclusion, social media and empowerment and will end with an event at Bridport Arts Centre on Friday 17th February..

TCFT is a long-term international youth arts project which has developed work in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, at Bournemouth University and in Sarteano, a beautiful small hill town in Southern Tuscany. The project has an active network of more than 500 young people and artists across wider Europe.

Young people have begun to lead their own smaller versions successfully and so far these have deveolped in Srebrenica, Croydon and others are planned in Setubal, Portugal and Loznica, Serbia.