Celebrating night and light at Sladers Yard

THE new exhibition at Sladers Yard, West Bay, running from 4th November to 21st January, features some of the region’s finest artists, including sculptor and collage maker Marzia Colonna, painters Alfred Stockham, Tom Hammick and David Inshaw, potter Richard Batterham and resident furniture designer Petter Southall.

The exhibition is called “night and light and the half light.” It’s a moving and thought-provoking theme for a show that bridges the period of the ancient Samhain end of harvest celebrations starting in the days after All Hallows and All Souls, Bonfire Night and its memories of the Gunpowder Plot, through the Winter Solstice and Christmas and into the New Year.

Gallery owner-curator Anna Powell says: “As the nights draw in and the winter solstice approaches, light and its absence becomes more and more central to our attention.

“This exhibition is a celebration of partial light, moonlight,  bonfires and white flowers in the dimness. In half light nothing is certain, we enter a world of dream and possibility where love and longing dance close to the cliff edge.”

The exhibition, which opens on Saturday 4th November features collages by Marzia Colonna, who has her studio at Portesham, paintings and woodcut prints by
Tom Hammic, paintings David Inshaw and Alfred Stockham, ceramic sculpture by Fiamma Colonna Montagu, pottery by Richard Batterham and fureniture by Petter Southall.

Pictured: Fiamma Colonna Montagu with a ceramic portal, a collage by Marzia Colonna and Dancing Couple Naked by David Inshaw.