Celebrating Tessa McIntyre

A NEW exhibition at The Slade Centre at Gillingham, Tessa – Painter and Printmaker, Teacher and Friend, opening on  Saturday, 2nd October, is a celebration of the work of one of the region’s finest artists, who died earlier this year.

Painter, printmaker, teacher and friend – Tessa McIntyre was all these things and so much more. Her death left a large hole in the lives of many people and sadly, due to the restrictions in place at the time, family and friends were unable to say farewell as they would have wished.

This exhibition, which runs to 23rd October at the gallery on the Square in Gillingham, provides an opportunity to do that and to see and enjoy her work.

Tessa is best known for her landscapes – drawings, paintings and relief prints. She was an undoubted master of the lino print and while some of the prints on show here are relatively straight-forward black and white prints, many show her expert use of reduction printing. This technique produces multi-coloured prints of great complexity and beauty.

The exhibition features a selection of framed and unframed works from her studio (or “playroom” as she preferred to call it). These are shown alongside pieces which she chose to hang in her house, some of her own and others by artists she knew and admired, including John Liddell from whom she learnt the reduction printing technique.