Cheesemaker helps struggling milk supplier

THE pandemic produces some truly touching stories, alongside the fears and horrors. This story, which reached us via the Dorset-based Guild of Fine Food’s on-line Fine Food Digest, is really heart-warming.

Yorkshire cheesemaker Caroline Bell of Shepherds Purse Cheeses has escalated production of one of its cheeses to help save a sheep’s milk supplier in dire straits due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The farmer has told the producer that out of the 22 processors that usually buy milk, he is now only supplying two. Caroline said he was “in absolute distress about what to do with his milk.”

In a bid to keep the supply chain running, she has brought forward a project to reformat the Mediterranean salad cheese, Yorkshire Fettle, into feta-style packs with new moulds. She told Fine Food Digest that they hoped to take more milk from the farmers, “just to try and keep them going – taking on the risk ourselves.”

Yorkshire may be a long way from our area, where we have many great cheese-makers, including several producing sheeps milk and goats milk cheeses, who will surely understand the generosity of Shepherds Purse – and the importance of retailers and customers supporting this effort.