City-specific play returns to Southampton

THE prolific Howard Brenton turned his attention to South­ampton in Autumn 1940 for his play The Shadow Factory, and it was so popular in its home city that it’s back at the Nuffield City by popular demand.

Set in the days of The Battle of Britain, Southampton was home to the Spitfire, regarded by many as our only hope of victory. When the Luftwaffe dropped 2,300 bombs in three devastating raids, Southamp­ton went up in flames and the Woolston Supermarine Spitfire factory was destroyed.

Jackie is the third generation of Dimmock at her family-run laundry. Polly is the first and only draughtswoman in the Spitfire design office. How will each woman forge her own path in this evolving landscape?

From the ashes, a story of courage and community spirit em­er­ges in Hampshire-born Brenton’s version of a remarkable and little-known story, how South­amp­ton stepped up when the chips were down.

The sell-out play, with its a leading cast supported by a 25-strong community company of South­amp­ton residents,  returns to celebrate the first birthday of the new theatre NST City.

Performances continue until 2nd March. For more information, telephone 023 8098 4511 or visit the website,