Counterpoint at Sladers Yard

THE new exhibition at Sladers Yard, West Bay, is Counterpoint, recent paintings by Martyn Brewster, Daisy Cook and Brian Graham, with ceramics by Paul Wearing and furniture by Petter Southall. The exhibition runs from Saturday 18th January to Sunday 1st March.

Counterpoint is a term most widely used in music, meaning to emphasise by contrast. As in music one melody may be offset against another, in painting one mark, or element, can be balanced or set in tension in relation to another.

The three painters in this show paint in the space between the figurative and the abstract. All three are inspired by the natural world with a strong awareness of the human impact on that world now and, in Brian Graham’s case, in the long distant past.

All three respond emotionally and physically to their subject matter producing paintings of powerful and lasting impact. Their individual approaches to common subject matter accentuate one other.

Set against the paintings are the richly textured, almost barnacled, ceramics of Paul Wearing. They are timeless, with strong classical forms, each one seeming to contain or embody a suggestion of landscape, which may be sub-aquatic, coastal or shrouded in mist enshrouded.

Petter Southall’s elegant furniture is made in solid wood of reassuring warmth, strength and tactile pleasure. Combining steam-bent curves with smooth flat planes, his work celebrates and gives extra life to the individual characters of the ancient trees it is made from – oak, ash and elm, the native hardwoods of Northern Europe.

Pictured: Martyn Brewster,  Windswept Coast,  acrylic on canvas; Brian Graham, Autumn Summit, acrylic on canvas;  Paul Wearing, 12 low wide ellipse vessel, stoneware with multiple oxidised slips and glazes.