Cruelty by Gaslight in Bath

PATRICK Hamilton’s psychological thriller Gaslight, first seen in 1938 and famous as a 1944 film starring Ingrid Bergman, returns to Bath Theatre Royal from 14th to 19th October, 33 years after its last appearance at the theatre.

The new production, directed by Lucy Bailey, stars Martin Shaw as Inspector Rough, with James Wilby as Mr Manningham and Charlotte Emmerson as his unfortunate wife. The cast is completed by Mary Chater and Georgia Clarke-Day .

Bella Manningham thinks she’s going mad. She looses a watch, a brooch goes missing, a picture frame moves. Her confusion is enhanced by the endless fog and the flickering gaslights that play tricks with her eyes.

As the fog-bound evening draws in and the gaslight dims again, Bella is frightened. She realises that she is alone with just her thoughts to keep her company and no one to protect her from the footsteps creaking in the attic. Only the unexpected arrival of a former police detective can help untangle fact from fiction and save a woman on the brink of insanity.

It was this extraordinary thriller’s ground-breaking cultural impact that saw the term ‘gaslighting’ popularised as a term for psychological abuse.

Gaslight is on stage at Bath  nightly at 7.30, with 2.30 matinees on Wednesday and Saturday. For more details, telephone 01225 448844  for visit the website,