Danger on the hall committee

THE next CUDOS show, Agatha Crusty and the Village Hall Mur­ders, is on stage at the Victoria Hall in Crewkerne from 8th to 11th May.

Ann Brolly’s production challen­ges the audience members to see if they can guess who the murderer is before the final scene.

Crime novelist Agatha Crusty (pronounced Croosty) is pretty adept at solving crimes. When her sister-in-law Alice invites her to spend a few days with her in the village of Chortelby, it’s not long before our heroine gets caught up in a series of murders, and all of the victims are involved with the All Saints Village Hall committee.

From Toby the Vicar and Eleanor, chairperson of the committee, to Harry Knott the caretaker and identical twins Olivia and Oliver Truscott-Pratt, there are plenty of suspects. And with an investigating officer as incompetent as DI Twigg, there are plenty of laughs as the murders begin to pile up.

The ingenious plot will tax the little grey cells.

The cast is led by Angie Eason as Agatha Crusty with Robert Judge as DI Twigg, Kirsten Dexter  as  Eleanor Wagstaff, Keith All­ing­ton  as Rev Toby Bishop, Dave Brolly as Harry Knott, Clare French as Alice Fogg, Cathie War­ner as Olivia Truscott-Pratt and Eric Weath­ran as her brother Oliver,  Vicki Stephens as Maisie Grimm and Mandy, Kerry Peters as Isabella Battersby and Antony Dexter as PC Locket.

For more details, visit the website, www.cudoscrewkerne.com or telephone 01460 74380.

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