Death and the Maiden

ONE of the darkest episodes in 20th century South American history provides the backdrop for Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden, a brilliant play that became a film, and is now on tour with Baroque Theatre Company, coming to Bridport Arts Centre on Tuesday 7th May, Weymouth Pavilion on Wednesday 8th and Minehead’s Regal Theatre on Thursday 9th.

The play is set in an unnamed country that is emerging painfully from a period of totalitarian dictatorship, a time of disappearances, torture and terror. It explores the after-effects of repression on the hearts and souls of victims, survivors and perpetrators.

Paulina Escobar’s husband Gerardo is to head an investigation into past human rights abuses. Paulina is convinced that the charismatic Dr Miranda was the supervisor of her torture and abuse when she was held as a political prisoner. When their paths accidentally cross, Paulina takes Miranda prisoner and puts him “on trial.” The impact of Gerardo Escobar is powerful as he is pulled between his wife and his new friend.

You will never hear Schubert’s great quartet, known as Death And The Maiden, the same again!