Dementia friendly music

A TRIO of musicians from Bournemouth Symphony Or­c­h­estra will visit Blandford Connect Community Centre on Tuesday 10th March to perform a dementia-friendly “cake concert’, starting at 2pm.

Promoted by Artsreach, the trio of flute, harp and cello will perform popular classical hits and light music as the listeners enjoy tea and cakes. It is accepted that music can remind people living with dementia of past experiences and enable them to better communicate and connect.

All are welcome, whether living in the community or in care and residential homes.

Ben Jennings, the orchestra’s Participate manager, says, “Our Cake Concerts are very popular and have a profound effect on movement and communication amongst audience members, creating a positive shared experience for all who attend. We delighted to bring music to Blandford in partnership with Artsreach.”

For more details telephone 01258 480698 visit the website,