Detective spoof on Artsreach tour

COMPANY Gavin Robertson pays a chaotically funny homage to the classic detective genre in their new show, Done to Death, By Jove!, on a short Artsreach tour from 17th to 19th February.

Holmes and Watson meet Poirot and Miss Marple – not to mention a selection of the usual suspects – in this spoof whodunnit, at Wootton Fitzpaine village hall on Thursday 17th, Marnhull on Friday 18th and Corfe Castle on Saturday 19th.

Who murdered Lady Fanshawe? Why is Matron Maudesly so friendly with one of the guests at the Clinic of Hopes and Cures? Why have the sound cues got mixed up?

A cast of six set about bringing a group of suspects and sleuths together to discover whodunnit, and how… except four of the actors are stuck in the van by the side of the motorway, and only those two knights of the theatre, Sir Gavin and Sir Nicholas, have managed to get to the venue.

But the show must go on!

Expect a whirlwind of costume changes and misdirected acting hiccups in a show where even the set’s gone missing!