Diaspora – art at Salisbury

THE new exhibition at Salisbury Arts Centre is Diaspora, bringing together artists and makers of African/Caribbean heritage to showcase their work,  which has not previously been seen in Salisbury.

Wiltshire Creative artist in residence Mirka Golden-Hann says: “This exhibition was originally cancelled due to the Covid lockdown and we are very happy to be able to realise it now.”

Running to 19th December, Diaspora is an exceptional opportunity to appreciate and collect work by artists who bring fresh viewpoints to contemporary arts practice.

The term “diaspora” has been used to discuss artists who have migrated from one part of the world to another and who express their diverse experience of culture and identity in their work, often through alternative narratives, challenging ideas and structures of the art world.

The exhibits include ceramic vessels by The Great Pottery Throw-Down kiln man Rich Miller ,whose work is inspired by his own tile production and by British colonialism. Other potters in the exhibition are London-based father and daughter Chris Bramble and Freya Bramble-Carter who combine their shared love of African culture and connection to the natural world, and Barbados-born Ronaldo Wiltshire, whose symbolic pieces are inspired by the colours of his mother island, who will be exhibiting ceramic masks.

Ade Adesina, who grew up in Nigeria, creates large-scale linocuts and etchings, reflecting her fascination with how the human footprint is affecting our planet. Other exhibits include jewellery, watercolours and textiles.

Diaspora is co-curated with Rachel Oteng-Lartey and is co-produced by New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, and Wiltshire Creative.

On 20th November there will be a Pottery Throw-Down at Salisbury Arts Centre, led by Ronaldo Wiltshire..

Wiltshire Creative, which runs the arts centre, Salisbury Playhouse and Salisbury International Arts Festival, has two visual arts screenings at Salisbury Playhouse. A Night At the Louvre – Leonardo Da Vinci on 30th October gives a private guided tour of the Da Vinci exhibition at Paris’s great gallery while Frida Kahlo – Exhibition on Screen on 18th November explores the real woman behind the eyebrows, the colours and the floral crowns.

Pictured: A collage by Onome Otite, and collages and other works in the arts centre gallery.