Dirty Rotten Milton Musical Society

THE spring show for Milton Musical Society is Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, at the Regent Centre in Christchurch from Wednesday 24th to Saturday 27th April.

Based on the popular 1988 MGM film comedy starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin, it is set on the French Riviera, where high jinks, cons and witty hilarity are the order of the day. This sophisticated, suave and mischievous musical is a hysterical comedy that also features a jazzy score by David Yazbek and was nominated for 11 Tony Awards on Broadway in 2005.

Smooth talking Lawrence Jame­son makes a lavish living by talking rich ladies out of their money in Beaumont-sur-Mer. He’s ably assisted by Andre Thibault, the ever-so-slightly corrupt local Commissioner of Police, who is also on commission!

Meanwhile, American Freddy Benson also sees rich women as easy prey. His less ornate swindles depend on rousing their compassion (and sometimes passion) for him with fabricated emotional tales about his grandmother’s failing health.

After a chance meeting on a train, the two lovable rogues attempt to work together, only to find that this small French town isn’t big enough for the two of them. So they agree on a challenge: the first one to extract $50,000 from a young female American heiress, Christine Colgate, wins  the dosh and the other will leave town forever.
A hilarious battle of wits ensues, keeping the audience laughing, humming and guessing to the end. Which of the rascals will win the bet?

The MMS show is directed by Jon Shiner with Kirsti Warne in charge of choreography. Lee Marchant is the MD.

The leading roles are played by Martin Mansfield as Lawrence Jameson, Rob Arrowsmith as Freddie Benson, Catherine Smith as Christine  Colgate, Mark Ward as Andre Thibault,  Emma Hardy as Jolene Oakes and Bev Harris as
Muriel Eubanks.

Performances are nightly at 7.30, with a 2.30 Saturday matinee. For more details, telephone the Regent on 01202 499199 or visit the website, www.regentcentre.co.uk

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