Down to Earth At The Chapel

BRUTON’s At The Chapel has an evening with Tim Westwell and Rolf Winters on Tuesday 3rd December at 7pm, featuring a screening of the powerful new documentary Down To Earth.

Leaving the rat race behind, a family of five embarks on the journey of a lifetime. They travel to the ends of the earth searching for a new perspective on life and the world in which we live. During five years on six continents they seek out tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before. Down to Earth reveals the deep wisdom they found and its power to transform lives.

The event is hosted by Pukka co-founder Tim Westwell and filmmaker Rolf Winters, and will explore the ways in which we can all contribute to the transformation towards a more sustainable world.

Tim, a pioneer in sustainable business practice, sees Down to Earth as a catalyst for collaborative evolution. He has invited Rolf to come to Bruton to discuss the collective (and individual) quest we are all facing.