Dr Marie Stopes escapes the storm

ASONEW Theatre Company’s new play, Escaping the Storm, is the story of Marie Stopes on Portland, and it will be performed at Forest Arts at New Milton on Wednesday 24th October and the Marine Theatre at Lyme Regis on Thursday 25th.

Dr Stopes was one of the most controversial women of the 20th century, changing the way we think about sex with  her best known book, Married Love, published 100 years ago. Her strong views on sex and contraception gave women a new and graphic understanding of the physiology, pleasure, and consequences of sex. Her books were condemned by the Catholic Church but their relevance is still discussed today.

Much is known about her work but who was the real Marie Stopes? Escaping the Storm, by Peter John Cooper, shows Stopes at her rugged island retreat where she enjoyed writing poetry, exploring the island’s rich Jurassic fossil forests and mingling with the locals.

AsOne founder Jane McKell plays Dr Stopes. More dates are planned for 2019, including performances at Dorchester, Weymouth, Burnham on Sea and Warminster.