Drawing on Dorset at the Slade Centre

THE new exhibition at the Slade Centre, at Gillingham, from 12th October to 3rd November, is Drawing on Dorset, featuring work made in Dorset, of Dorset and about Dorset.

In January 2019 Dorset Visual Arts, the organisation behind Dorset Art Weeks and projects including Making Dorset, put out an open call to artists for work which questions and pushes the boundaries of what drawing is and can be. This exhibition and associated publication explore current themes, trends and innovations in contemporary drawing practice.

A panel, including Professor Anita Taylor, director of Drawing Projects UK and the founding director of the Jerwood Drawing Prize project; Tania Kovats, artist and professor of drawing at Bath Spa University; Deborah Harty, artist and researcher; and Tim Knowles. artist and curator, looked for drawing in all its possibilities.

They selected 36 drawings made in Dorset, of Dorset and about Dorset which span the figurative and the abstract, the physical and the digital. The drawings are featured in a publication entitled Drawing on Dorset.

Artists included in the exhibition and publication are:
Amanda Wallwork, Andy Fung, Angela Charles, Anna Morris, Bonnie Brown, Caroline Liddington, Carrie Mason, Chris Dunseath, David Atkins, Day Bowman, Debbie Lee, Ed Frith, Elaine Collett, Emma Davies, Fay Stevens, Faye Bowden, Fiona Campbell, Fiona Robinson, Fran Norton, Fran Quinlan , Frances Hatch, Helen Dean, Helen Simpson, Holly Yates, lona Skladzien, Jem Main, Jeremy Gardiner, Jindra Jehu, Julia Hutton, Katy Shepherd, Lisa Richardson, Martyn Brewster, Maureen Nathan, Paul Newman, Sara Hough and Su Fahy.

Pictured: Jindra Jehu working on the drawing North Sea Drifters which will feature in the exhibition.