Dressing the French way

SOMERSET audiences can take a fresh look at the celebrated farce French Dressing, newly translated (and directed) by John Crabtree and coming to the stage of the Swan Theatre in Yeovil from 16th to 21st May.

Feydeau’s classic is set, of course, in a perfect little Parisian love-nest, this time the former salon of a dressmaker. Add in a doctor with a “problem”, his long-suffering but suspicious wife, his overbearing, domineering mother-in-law, his seductively alluring mistress, her formidable husband, HIS flirtatious mistress, a  foppish friend and an assortment of dissatisfied ladies.

The stage is set for mendacity, misunderstandings and mistaken identities – all the ingredients for a classic French Dressing on hand.  Go along and enjoy the delicious fun.

Performances start at 7.45pm nightly. Contact the Swan for more information.

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