Drystones back home

SOMERSET-based duo The Dry­stones, on a Spring tour, stop at Bristol Folk Festival on Sunday 5th May and at Callington Village Hall on 17th May.

Fiddler and vocalist Alex Garden  and Ford Collier, who sings, plays guitar and tin whistle, have been playing together since secondary school, and released their first album in the same year as completing their music degrees.

After eight years playing together, they were nominated for the 2018 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award. Their new album, Apparitions, is bold and adventurous with breath-taking instrumentals breaking boundaries but sounding strangely familiar.

Ford says: “Through the lens of our new music, we view folk as a lingering phantom of forgotten ways that still haunts our modern thinking.”

The album is made up almost entirely of original tunes and some original interpretations of traditional tunes. Although clearly folk music, it is given a thoroughly contemporary twist. The best example is Nonesuch, a 16th century tune collected in 1651 by John Playford, but as Alex says: “played as it would have been played by 16th century minstrels if they had been into techno!”

For more details, and to hear some of their music, visit the website, www.thedrystones.co.uk