Edgelarks in the footsteps of Phillip and Hannah

EDGELARKS, making four stops in the south west on their UK tour,  is the newest musical manifestation of award-winning duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin.

They will be playing at Downend Folk Club, Bristol on Friday 16th February,  and in March at Ebbes­bourne Wake in Wiltshire on Sat­ur­day 24th, the Victoria Hall in Radstock on Sunday 25th and the George at South Moulton on Saturday 31st.

The new project takes the roots of their previous duo work, from the traditional music of the British Isles to Indian classical slide guitar to the stomping roots party of Phil’s beatbox harmonica and adds a strong stem of original writing.

Edgelarks, chosen as one of MOJO’s top ten folk albums of 2017,  is Phillip  and Hannah’s  most innovative work to date and as well as their fourth studio album, it is also a brand new band name.

The album  features several unusual instruments, from the pedal powered shruti box (a drone instrument, originally from India, and usually played by hand) through Phil’s indian classical slide guitar, the Chaturangui, the tabla and Phil’s unique beatbox harmonica. Phil’s range of guitars includes an electric instrument reminiscent of 1970s Richard Thompson and the Weissenborn, a hollow-necked lap slide that can be tuned very low, giving a warm richness to the tone. Phil also uses a paintbrush on the strings to create a buzzing drone effect.
Hannah plays instruments from Devon String Workshop and Sonic Violins from Dorset. The Weissenborn, acoustic and tenor guitars were all made by the luthier David Oddy (who passed away before he could hear the album).

For more information, contact the venues or visit the website, www.edgelarks.co.uk