Enjoy David Marl at the JCA Gallery

THE Dorset-based artist David Marl, who is best known for his beautiful, pastoral and often mystical paintings is the featured artist at the JCA Gallery at East Knoyle.

He studied stained glass at the Royal College, a background that explains the delicate stained glass feel of his small windows, which seem to be lit from within.

Gallery owner Josephine Connolly says: “They are reminiscent in some ways of Poussin’s landscapes but more than that they make me think of Blake and Palmer. I was driving south from Warminster the other day over the downland in the twilight and I began to see David Marl’s hills ahead of me. I had thought the landscapes in the paintings rather formal and mannered but then I realised that these are very English landscapes and that these paintings are the wistful witness of an English gentleman.”
This is the first exhibition the gallery has put online. “We have been wanting for some time to open an online and occasional pop-up gallery,” she says – the Covid-19 crisis has provided the impetus to do it now. Visit www.josephinec.co.uk/

Pictured: David Marl’s Arriving at the Gates of Heaven.