Fireside fantasy

THE final Fireside Theatre reading of the 2018/19 season is on Wednesday 5th June at the home of Daphne and John Fairburn in Verwood.

The play is Alen Cullen’s Niccolo and Nicollette, also known as The Puppet Prince. Described as “an ordinary fantasy”, it revolves around Seamus O’Shaughnessy, a lovable old patent-medicine peddler. While visiting Nicolette in her toy-shop, he opens a forbidden box and releases a dancing puppet, which is promptly purchased by an imperious duchess. But the puppet comes to life, explaining he’s a prince bewitched by a wicked magician. He must return to puppet status by cock-crow, so Seamus summons a furious little leprechaun to break the spell. His remedy is to prevent the High Cockalorum from crowing.

If you would like to hear this charming play read, or to take part in the reading, contact Daphne on 01202 820689.  She and John will be hosting the summer luncheon on 28th July, and she also has details of that event.

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