First Time at Pound Arts

A DEVASTATINGLY honest solo play about a young man’s sexual experience, featuring Nathaniel Hall,  one of the stars of Channel 4’s It’s A Sin, is coming to Pound Arts at Corsham on Saturday 16th October, as part of a national tour.

Can you remember your first time? Nathaniel most certainly does… and he can’t seem to forget it. To be fair, he has had it playing on repeat for 15 years. But now the party is over, the balloons have all burst and he’s left – brunching on pills, watching daytime TV, and procrastinating on Google…

Exploring the ups and downs of living with HIV since age 16, First Time is described as a “hilarious and heartbreaking” autobiographical show, relating Nathaniel Hall’s personal experiences of growing up gay and HIV+ in a straight world.

Diagnosed as HIV+ two weeks before his 17th birthday and after his first ever sexual experience, Nathaniel kept this a secret from his family for nearly 15 years. In 2017 aged 31, he had a breakdown, came out to his family as HIV+, and created this play, in conjunction with Dibby Theatre, to mark the 30th World AIDS Day in their hometown of Manchester.

In the three years since its world premiere, First Time has toured across the UK, including the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the 2020 VAULT Festival in London, winning multiple awards and receiving audience and critical acclaim in equal measure.

Nathaniel Hall says: “I lived in secrecy for nearly 15 years but denying my HIV status publicly only helped to feed the narrative that HIV is something to be ashamed of. First Time marked a very public coming out as HIV+ and the show has taken me on a journey to places I never expected. I have been blown away by the public reaction to my story and feel humbled and honoured to be inspiring others to smash through the stigma of HIV.”