Forkbeard at the 10 Parishes Festival

THERE is a rare chance to meet the extraordinary Brittonioni Brothers at this year’s 10 Parishes Festival, when their creators, Forkbeard Fantasy bring their best-known creations to Kingsmead School at Wiveliscombe, on Sunday,15th September at 7.30pm.

The evening, in conjunction with Exmoor’s always adventurous film society Cinema Obscura, brings the natty pair of film-makers, with their mirror shades and brilliantined hair out of the silver screen and on to the stage.

The Brittonioni Brothers originated as a avant garden film-makers who constantly jetted around the world, and increasingly appearing in Forkbeard Fantasy’s unique live-action stand-alone films and stage shows.

The shows are a dizzy mix of film and animation, automata, puppetry and wild mechanical sets, alongside other multi-media events – interactive exhibitions, poetry performance, international film festivals, fire shows, street events, books, talks, animations and cartoons, films, museum and gallery installations, outdoor sculptures and numerous courses and workshop.

Forkbeard Fantasy began in 1974 as a comic performance art group revelling  in eccentric contraptions and kinetic sculptures, and evolved into the internationally renowned theatre, film, exhibition and animation company it remains to this day. They are based at Waterslade Studios in Devon, working on commissions, sculptures, films, animations and other projects they simply enjoy and only make rare and very special forays into live performances.