Freedom Road Re-imagined

THE creativity and energy of black and Asian people and the activists who campaigned for their communities are celebrated in a powerful event, Freedom Road Re-imagined, at the Sherling Studio at Poole’s Lighthouse Arts Centre on Saturday 4th June at 8pm.

There will be a live band bringing to life protest anthems, with photography from Charlie Phillips and impactful monologues from young black British voices.

Created by producer and artistic director Sabina Desir and musical director Jessica Lauren using the combined art forms of live music, photography and filmed footage, Freedom Road Re-imagined focuses on the resilience, determination and pride of black British communities to present an intergenerational perspective of protest through the lenses of photographers Charlie Phillips and Vanley Burke, and young photographer Shaïny Vilo.

Phillips and Burke have made it their lives’ work to document the fight for equity and civil rights by black and Asian people in the UK. The show’s visuals draw audiences into the past and present in which the collective and individual voice is a force for change.

The show is as much a tribute to these activists as well as a celebration of the tenacity and drive of black British communities.

The music is central – a soundscape of black innovation, taking the audience through an early classical gospel field recording, into blues, soul, neo-soul, Afrofuturist and music associated with the US and UK civil rights movements that has been arranged with sensitivity and passion.

This is music that sustained, empowered and educated, music that became and remains some of the most important of the 20th century. Many of the band members, some of the UK’s finest jazz players, are direct descendants of the Windrush generation, including Sabina Desir.

Intercut with the music and stunning visuals is the recorded voice of actor Taariq Forder who brings his lived-in black British experience, enriching the telling of this intergenerational conflict.