French Revolution revisited at St Giles House

THE Restoration family home of the Earls of Shaftesbury, St Giles House, at Wimborne St Giles, is the elegant historic setting for a Chalke Valley History Festival talk on France: Revolution Then and Now, on Thursday 27th April.

The event features two outstanding speakers, French Revolution expert Dr Marisa Linton and Sir Christopher Mallaby, who was British Ambassador to Germany in 1988-92 and to France from 1992-96 and in Moscow in the early 1960s and mid 70s.

Dr Linton’s latest book, Choosing Terror, shows how the Revolution’s leaders, men who started out as humanitarians, “chose terror.”

Sir Christopher Mallaby and his French-born wife live in London and south west France.

The evening begins with prosecco and canapes in the library and the talks begin at 7.15pm. There will be dinner in the state dining room afterwards.

For more information and tickets phone 07827 383310 or email