George Young at the Art Stable

ONE of the most popular artists whose work is regularly shown at the Art Stable, at Gold Hill Organic Farm, Child Okeford, is George Young, who has his sixth solo exhibition from 16th March to 6th April.

In his bold, hard hitting new work, a series of paintings featuring people, places or objects with which he has great familiarity, the artist wants to pinpoint the essence of his subject.

This is a new departure for Young whose earliest paintings were marked by a hazy, other-worldliness, the paintings sometimes left unfinished to create a sense of detachment, a fleeting moment.

He says: “Everything I’m painting at the moment is from my own experience…I want to slow down the process of looking and recording. Painting is protracted and the time it takes creates something complicated and immediate – things and shapes begin to have characters.“

George Young grew up in Dorset and now lives in Brixton. Since his MA at the Royal College of Art, Young has showed in London, New York, Los Angeles, Brussels and Stockholm as well as solo exhibitions at the Art Stable.