Going wild at Cucklington

SOUTH Somerset District Council is trying No Mow areas, leaving spaces for wildflowers and grasses to flourish, as part of its declaration of a climate and ecological emergency.

The No Mow trials, starting at Cucklington near Wincanton, are part of the council’s commitment to create biodiverse areas for wildlife to thrive.

The project, supporting a project launched by the charity Plantlife, involves letting the flowers bloom and species prosper across some of the council-owned spaces, helping to provide vital sustenance for pollinators and new habitat for all species.

As well as Cucklington, the council is changing its mowing routine at specific areas in Castle Cary, Ansford, Milborne Port and Ilminster to allow wild plants to flower and then set seed, hopefully creating enough nectar for ten times more bees and other pollinators.

The council is encouraging residents to join in: “Anyone with a patch of land, however small, can do this. Mark out your area and leave it to thrive through the summer and beyond. Join us on this journey to help re-wild and return some of our verges and lesser used pieces of land back to nature.”