Haig returns to Bath

DAVID Haig makes a welcome re­t­urn to Bath Theatre Royal to star in his new play, Pressure, from 12th to 17th March.

The true war-time drama about the crucial forecast linked to the D- Day landings comes to Bath, after its opening at Chich­ester Festival Theatre in 2014. Directed by John Dove, this remarkable drama tells the thrilling real-life story of two warring Allied meteorologists whose job was the produce the most important weather forecast in the history of warfare.

Seventy two hours before the D Day landings, Scottish meteorologist Group Captain James Stagg advises General Eisenhower on the weather conditions likely to prevail when 350,000 troops are sent across the Channel in Operation Overlord. Stagg predicted severe storms while Irving P Krick, Hollywood’s meteorological movie consultant, predicted beautiful weather. The future of Britain, Europe and the United States rested on one forecast.

David Haig reprises the role of Stagg, returning to the Theatre Royal after his performances in Racing Demon in 2017, The Madness of George III in 2011 and King Lear in 2013.

The cast of Pressure also features Malcolm Sinclair and  Laura Rogers, with Philip Cairns, Alister Cameron, Robert Heard, Mark Jax, Michael Mack­enzie, William Mannering and Bert Seymour.

Performances are nightly with matinees on Wednesday and Satur­day. For more information, telephone 01225 448844 or visit the website www.theatreroyal.org.uk