Hardy’s Fair at Sherborne

AMATEUR Players of Sher­borne will perform The Day After the Fair, adapted from a Thomas Hardy short story, at the Studio Theatre from Monday 7th to Saturday 12th October.

Anna, an illiterate girl fresh from the country, works as maid to Edith Harnham, the bored and unhappy young wife of Arthur Harnham, a wealthy brewer in the cathedral town of Melchester. At the fair that has come to town Anna is picked up by Charles Bradford, a smart London barrister, who is on one of his visits on the western legal circuit, and becomes pregnant by him.

When he writes to her, not realising that she is illiterate, she asks Edith Harnham to read the letters and reply on her behalf. The correspondence has consequences that none of them could have anticipated.

Like several of Hardy’s works of this period, this love-triangle tale illustrates his evident preoccupation with class, respectability and pregnancy outside wedlock.

The APS cast includes Patrick Knox as Arthur, Sarah Easterbrook as Edith, Rachael Alexander as Anna, Richard Jones as Charles, with Jessica Colson as Lettie and Sara Sadegh-Tehrani as Sara. The director is Kerry Gardner.

For more information, telephone 07585 278722 or visit the website, www.aps-sherborne.co.uk

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