Hats off to Hank at Bridport

ALT country hat-wearing icon Hank Wangford returns to Bridport with his Lost Cowboys, on Saturday 1st September to provide the musical icing on the titfer cake of Bridport’s Hat Festival weekend.

The festival is one of the biggest (and most eccentric) days in the West Dorset calendar, with the main focus on “Haturday” – Saturday 1st – when the town centre will be packed with people wearing hats of every hue, shape, size or description.

As well as fun, Bridport Hat Festival is also a fundraiser for head-related charities and a giant summer-ending party for the town and its visitors – all run by volunteers. The most creative, quirky, stylish and inventive headwear combines with live music, multiple competitions, demonstrations, talks, displays, shows, a hat auction, games, hatted dogs (yes, hatted dogs) and much more, all ‘topped’ off by a HUGE mass hat-wearing photoshoot in Bucky Doo Square.

Bridport Museum is running a family event on Wednesday 29th August, from 11am to 3pm – come and dress up in some historic hats in the Museum to take a walk back in time. Then make yourself a hat inspired by the collection, ready  to wear at Bridport Hat Festival. Materials are provided or bring a basic hat to decorate if preferred!