Hepworth at the New Art Centre

THERE is a wonderful Barbara Hepworth sculpture at the New Art Centre at Roche Court, Winterslow, near Salisbury.

Three Forms, made in 1970, is an exceptional example of Hepworth’s later work and exemplifies the period in her life when she was experimenting with casting in bronze.

It retains the rendering of simple shapes that characterises all of Hepworth’s sculpture and reflects her longstanding interest in how the standing forms and the space between these forms might help us reflect on our own relationships – to each other, to the land and even to the metaphysical.

Three Forms is also reminiscent of arrangements of pagan stone circles, sites that Hepworth was known to be interested in. There is particular similarity between the standing figures in Three Forms and the standing forms that make up Stonehenge. This analogy conjures up not just an image of the stone structures and their composition but also how these imposing forms simultaneously dominate and yet feel entirely at home in the landscape.