Hiccuping through a century of women’s rights

CHESS and Christina – the comedy dance theatre company, the Hiccup Project – come to Bridport Arts Centre on 22nd March at 7.30pm with their new show, Lovely Girls.

After diving into the world of romance and heartbreak in their multi-award winning May-We-Go-Round?, the “lovely Hiccup girls” (as they are usually called) explore what it means to be a young woman in the new show.

As little women, and through their teen years, they were fed fairy tales, stories and images full of the idealized woman; beautiful, sweet, passive, lovely. Now, they are 27. They are feminists. They’ve read lots of books, had tons of conversations, and are feeling empowered. Yet they still find themselves on Google asking; “If I feel good when an attractive man compliments me, am I still a feminist?”

Chess and Cristina open up the confusing pot of contradictions, clichés and expectations, that face women today; have lots of sex and be sexy, but not too much; strive for a good career, but make time for everyone else; have curves, but don’t be fat; be assertive, but not bossy…

Lovely Girls meanders through real women’s stories using The Hiccup Project’s blend of dance, theatre and comedy. It is an insight, a celebration and an ode to being a woman in the 21st century.