In a world of his own

BILLY is an incurable liar – an idle, dishonest young man, he lives in a world of his own, escaping from his boring life into a world of dreams.

Amateur Players of Sherborne have chosen this classic 1960s comedy by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall for the summer production at the Studio Theatre, from Monday 25th to Saturday 30th July.

Billy Fisher is bored by his dull job as an undertaker’s clerk and his stifling domestic background, and tries to escape by weaving a world of his own out of fantasies and dreams.

He has three girlfriends and somehow manages to be engaged to all three of them. His family are fully aware that he is a good for nothing, but are unable to understand or control him.

His imaginary life becomes so complicated, and he concocts so many different fantasy situations that truth and fiction become hopelessly intermingled, resulting in hilarious and chaotic situations. This inevitably lands him in trouble with his family, girlfriends and employers. But when he is given the chance to start a new life, he turns it down, preferring his dreams to reality.

Underneath the laughter lies, of course, a sharp satirical sting. The play was famously filmed in 1963 with a young Tom Courtenay in the title role, and directed by John Schlesinger. The Sherborne production is directed by Jessica Colson.

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