Intense thriller at Poole Lighthouse

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NJ CRISP’S play Dangerous Obsession is at Poole until Wednesday  4th December, as part of a UK tour.

Angela Browne Ltd is organising the tour, direct from the Nottingham Theatre Royal’s Classic Thriller season.

On a sunny afternoon, Sally Driscoll waters the plants in the conservatory of her luxurious home. It’s a peaceful scene … until John Barrett unexpectedly appears – and he’s not selling double glazing.

What did happen in Torquay? Will Sally and husband Mark ever feel safe in their own home again?

The dangerously obsessed Barrett strips away the conflicting secrets in the Dris­coll’s apparently perfect lives until nothing is left.

The compulsive psycho-thriller, written by a master of the genre in 1987, is directed by Edward Hall. Dangerous Obsession was filmed in 1999 as Darkness Falls.

The show is at Poole Lighthouse from Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th Dec­em­ber, nightly at 7.45pm, with a 2.30 Wednesday matinee. For more details telephone 01202 280 000 or visit the website,